From January 3, 2009 meeting
  1. Speed: fast = hard to hit
  2. Speed: run away
  3. Erratic driving: dodging the bullet
  4. Pin the opponent’s robot to the wall to prevent them from scoring
  5. Blocking opponent from advantageous positions
  6. Blocking the trailer
  7. Blocking the thrower
  8. Block the opponents corner so they can’t get any more balls to throw or exchange for Super Rocks
  9. Anti-scoring: collect or hoard balls
  10. Push the trailer instead of pull it: Confuse the opponent
  11. Make the trailer fishtail, wag or have other erratic movement
  12. Keep away from the opponent
  13. Keep the opponent away from you – Pushers? Long arm pistons?
  14. Use the carpet to get out of being pinned
  15. Low friction or ungrippable form to avoid being pinned
    1. Rollers/wheels around the perimeter of the robot
    2. Driven wheels around the edge to use wall as driving surface if pinned
    3. Driven wheels around the perimeter to turn opponent’s robot away
  16. Shape that helps avoid being pushed, maybe like two spinning tops hitting
  17. Spinning robot
  18. Perimeter Bot: use the carpet along the edge of field to get out of being pinned – maybe a third set of wheels down the centerline of the robot that can be lowered only if on carpet?