notes from January 3, 2009 meeting

Motion and Maneuvering
  1. How is NO FRICTION our FRIEND – how can we use it to our advantage
  2. Think Billiards (it goes straight until it hits something (the wall or another robot)
  3. Think Bambi: Be like Thumper
  4. Think Tokyo Drift: you are always skidding – can you control it?
  5. Think CSI Miami: Airboat (giant propeller pushes craft)
  6. Think James Bond: Hovercraft (giant propeller pushes craft)
  7. Learn to drive on Black Ice
  8. Low Torque!
  9. Spinning Robot
  10. Drives
    1. Swerve
    2. Tank
    3. Regular car or shopping cart
    4. Wheels in a circle (e.g. one opposing pair points north/south, the other, east/west
  11. Weight!!!
    1. Low weight may mean more maneuverability
    2. Heavy has more inertia (harder to get going or change directions)
    3. Heavy has more momentum (harder to stop, but better at bumping others)
  12. ABS for braking
  13. AAS for acceleration: automatically sense when wheels begin to loose grip and reduce rpm or torque to that wheel (software team!!!)
  14. Inertial platform (huge flywheel)
  15. Gyroscopic precession (huge flywheel)
  16. Spin the robot using brake on flywheel