Notes from January 3, 2009 meeting

  1. Dump a load into the trailer
    1. Pin and dump
    2. Hit and dump
  2. Fill a bag with rocks and hook it on the trailer
  3. Rollers to pick up or dispense rocks
  4. Placing mechanism
  5. Launching/throwing
    1. How to counteract or USE! the reaction force
  6. Corner person is expert shooter OR has many rocks (quality or quantity)
  7. Exchange empties for super

  1. Anti-scoring: collect or hoard balls (probably more defensive…)
  2. Quantity:
    1. Move many rocks fast - to the corner to keep the corner person supplied with rocks to throw
    2. Collect many rocks and keep shooting (like pitching machine?)
  3. Gathering rocks
    1. Rollers to pick up
    2. Use a fork or finger to impale rocks
    3. Suction
    4. Plowing or herding
    5. Store rocks on board the robot or otherwise hoard them
  4. Pin the opponent’s robot to the wall so your alliance can score on them
  5. Push the opponent out of an advantageous position
  6. Tracking (vision)