Any teams who deserve credit for awesome drivetrains? Put them here with some reasoning and some media (check the discussion, because you can now embed videos from thebluealliance). This thread on chief delphi shows some pretty impressive drivetrains from too.

Team 125-The Nutrons. If you were at Boston you know. They owned both speed and torque battles with most of their opponents.

Team 703. The videos speak for themselves. I haven't found a single team that beat them in a pushing match yet, and when they were on the field, they could completely neutralize some of the best drivetrains out there.

Team 111-Wildstang. Probably one of the most mobile robots on the field last year. Uses a powered caster system.

Team 1000. Played against Wildstang in the Midwest Regional Finals. Got beaten, but defended well against an amazing robot. During the semis they went head to head with team 71 (a mecanum drive team) and did pretty well. If their driving were better they would have gone pretty far.

Team 1712-Dawgma. Great drivetrain considering the fact that it was built in the first 12 days after the announcement of the game and they only spent $750 on it. Pic here.

Check out this video of the rononauts (with 3 weeks to go in the 2007 build season)