Any ideas regarding the content or style of a new team brochure should be added here.

- It is necessary that a new and updated brochure is created so we have something relevant to show to potential sponsors. This would persuade them to give us money, which is good.

- I suggest we sick with the same tri-fold style that we used last year. Our new brochure should have a section devoted to our success from last year, but it should also have some information pertaining to this year, such as new team members, a description of the lab, info about the mentors, team goals, and a mission statement. Please add more specifics to these ideas or generate new ones.

- We should definitely devote part of the tri-fold to JAWS, and the ideas above could occupy other regions of the tri-fold.

- Included information should be... (add at own discretion)
Team Members:
Seniors: Jon Greco, Colleen Haggerty, Mike Howland, Mackenzie Proe, Ryne Tangney, JC Coughlin
Juniors: Joe Bocchino, John Bocchino, Kelly Gallagher, Devin Hegger, Arnold Kalmbach, Kendra Kennedy, Jess LeBel, Benzi Miller, Jeff Pizzi, Jay Snowdon, Wenbo Wang
Sophomores: Brandon Ackley
Freshmen: Jacob Brandt, Steven Greco, Peter Kennedy, Chris Botaish

Mr. Haggerty
Mr. Miller
Mr. Vahue
Mr. Bransfield
Mr. Kalmbach
Mr. Bertram

Sponsors (2008):
Altair Avionics
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Product Genesis

Sponsors (2007):
Altair Avionics
Pratt & Whitney Canada
Product Genesis
Roche Brothers
Rolls Royce
Capital Forest Products
Foreign Car Repair
Murphy Insurance
Safety Signal
Millis MERIT

Mission Statement:
What ever happened with this?
(Jay starts singing Whatever Happened To?)