Currently, a presentation for recruiting new students from new schools is in progress.

This will need to include
  1. A letter to the school's Superintendent and/or principal.
  2. A video (3-5 mins) explaining why students should join ALARM. (available to watch on Vimeo. Contact Arnold if you want the actual file)
  3. A power point presentation which hits the same points as the video but allows the presenter(s) to emphasize details.

Places to send the letter:
King Philip

November, 2008


We would like to introduce to your school our FIRST Robotics Team. Our team, ALARM (A Lot of Awesome Robot Makers), was founded by Andrew Haggerty, then a student of Millis High School, in December 2006. After some recruiting, a small team was formed. Currently we have student participants from Millis, Natick, Hopkinton, and Franklin; we are always looking for interested students to participate, and we would welcome the opportunity to hold an informative meeting at your High School. We would like to present who we are, what we do, and invite student participation within your community.

We hold meetings, generally once a week, during the off-season to teach engineering skills like computer programming, electrical circuitry, tool usage, and practical application of mechanical components. Business skills, such as fundraising, community involvement, and team building are also emphasized. Students find this so engaging and fulfilling that we meet daily during the six-week build season beginning in January. In addition FIRST robotics provides access to over $10 Million in exclusive scholarship opportunities.

We would love to have interested students from your school join us and participate in our program.

For general information about FIRST you can visit the FIRST site.

Attached is a presentation and a video we would like to show to your students.
Please let us know if you would be willing to help us reach out to your school. You can contact our team at

Thank you for your consideration of this worthwhile program.


Team 2079 ALARM