Who We Are

ALARM Robotics is a member of the FIRST Robotic Competition (FRC). The team was founded in 2006 by Andrew Haggerty, and competed as a rookie team in 2007.

How did we get where we are today?


Team 2079 ALARM (A Lot of Awesome Robot Makers) experienced a highly successful rookie season in 2007. This FIRST (for more info about FIRST, click here) team was founded by Mr. Matthew Haggerty and Andrew Haggerty in December 2006. After some recruiting, a small team was formed. The team attended the Manchester and Boston kickoffs to learn of the 2007 game, Rack 'n Roll. ALARM worked for many hours in the Haggerty's garage during the six-week build season and emerged with JAWS, a 5-foot 109-pound robot that could place tubes with grace and ease. After the team's hard work, they were ready for the 2007 Boston Regional. The videos speak for themselves...

After placing second in the qualifying rounds with an 8-1 record, ALARM chose team 1403 and team 97 as alliance partners. The alliance was very cohesive and it reached the semifinals before being defeated by the alliance that would go on to win the event. At the awards ceremony, ALARM was presented the Rookie High Seed award and the Rookie All-Star award, which meant that the team had qualified for the International Championship in Atlanta.
The Atlanta matches used to be available at the Blue Alliance website, but have since been removed.
As part of the Championship ALARM participated in the Galileo Division in which we had a 3-4 record.

After the completion of the 2007 FIRST season, ALARM participated in two post-season events. These were Northeastern's Beantown Blitz and WPI's BattleCry. ALARM performed well and earned the Radical Rookie award at Beantown Blitz and the Awesome Offense award at BattleCry.

Aside from the team's own events, ALARM has attended many local town events to promote FIRST and introduce this wonderful program to local kids and adults. Team 2079 demonstrated for Medway's Fastrack Kids, at Bellingham's Career day, at Millis High School's Arts and Technology Night, at Millis' Fireman's Muster, and at Franklin's Panther Pride Night.


Team 2079 added to its list of accomplishments during the 2008 FIRST season in the game Overdrive. The 2008 robot, known as Ringo, featured a comlex yet maneuverable swerve drive as well as a heavy-duty catapult used to launch 40" diameter trackballs over a 6.5' high overpass. These new and innovative designs were rewarded by the judges at ALARM's four events of 2008, in which the team racked up five more awards to add to the four from 2007.

In the 2008 Pittsburgh regional, ALARM finished sixth in qualifying and was eliminated in the quarterfinals of the event. ALARM was given the GM Industrial Design Award for creating an innovative and robust machine built to play the game well. In Boston, 2008, ALARM was once again eliminated in the quarterfinals to a very powerful alliance (for the second year in a row, ALARM was eliminated by the winning alliance). At this event, 2079 won the Entrepreneurship award for its relations with sponsors and the ALARM community.
ALARM participated in Northeastern's Beantown Blitz as well as WPI's Battlecry 9, earning Judges awards in both events.

ALARM continued its community involvement in 2008 as well as its commitment to enhancing its resources to heighten its standing as one of the premier young FIRST teams in the area.


The 2009 FIRST Robotics season opened with the introduction of the new game, Lunacy. ALARM's robot once again featured a unique and revolutionary design with the advent of cylindrical wheel modules, as an advancement on the swerve steer design piloted on Ringo. ALARM's 2009 robot, Otis, also featured an elevator and pivoting release so that it could score moonrocks with grace and ease.

ALARM entered in the Boston Regional and Chesapeake Regional events, taking home the Xerox Creativity Award in Boston for the excellence of the wheel modules. The team also participated in WPI's BattlyCry 10, the third time the team has participated in this event.

This year, ALARM has grown in numbers and resources and has moved to a new space in Millis center. The team is eagerly awaiting the Kickoff on January 9, at which time the new game will be released. The team is currently registerd for the Boston Regional and is on the waiting list for the WPI Regional.