Fundraising is a critical part of keeping our team alive. Right now we need to raise a lot of money to pay Mr. Haggerty back.
The plan is to raise 10k before Jan 1.

Getting Sponsors

Places to Hit for End of Summer/Fall

$1,000 recieved. Presentation upcomming
Grant sent, no money received
Grant process to be looked into
Hilliard Precision
Letter Sent (nothing received)
Alpha Grainger
Letter Sent (nothing received)
Need to visit
Boston Gear
Need to research/visit
Warren Pike
Visited, Letter sent (nothing received)
Need to set up presentation time/
prepare presentation
Certificate has been delivered
Need to visit/give certificate
Rolls Royce
Need to visit/give certificate
Roche Bros.
Need to visit/give certificate
Need to give plaque
Doesn't have grants
Grant needs to be filled out
Grant needs to be filled out

How much money has ALARM raised this off-season?

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Potential Sponsor Ideas

Throw any ideas of potential sponsors not ready for the above table right here.

The Entire Forge Park Industrial Park

Materials to Give to Sponsors

This is the newly created Sponsor Certificate. We need to get frames. As of right now, purchases are on a team member pledge basis.


Items to be included in package to be sent to potential sponsors (Maybe we should organize these materials is an accordian folder or some type):
Letter to Potential Sponsors:
Sheet Explaining the Different Levels of Sponsorship:
The FIRST Promo Video: watch it online
ALARM Brochure
Pictures of the robots (We should select a few, compile them onto one or two pages and print out a bunch of copies, If a company sponsors us we can let them keep the picture page to them)
Materials to explain how the robots (Ringo and Jaws) work
Receipt form (I picture this as a type of invoice that has the tax-deductable number and a small team picture)
Paper to write any notes down on

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Promotional DVD

One of the materials which we should have ready for the fall fundraising season is a DVD with lots of exciting media. What should go on it? (list below)
  • What Is FIRST? video
  • 2008 Season Recap Video (not yet started)
  • Info about ALARM
  • Info about FIRST

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Power Point for Presentation at Foliage

Here is the power point presented on 8/6/08. There are a couple links to videos (of the FIRST kick-off and the ALARM promo) that won't work unless you also have those video files in the same direcotry as the power point (I did not put those videos on the wiki, so you will have to get them elsewhere.) so be careful using the power point.

foliage first presentation.ppt

Team Image


The 2008 Logo will continue to be our logo for 2009.


  • The shirts should be made to work with the logo, not the other way around.
  • Is yellow still a better choice than red?
  • There are many different ways the shirt could look. We can have a large logo on the front (like last year), a small logo in the upper left corner of the shirt, a logo on the back, or anything anyone can think of...
  • In order to get the shirts ready, we need to have sponsors in place. Check out the fundraising page to share ideas about how to raise money and get sponsors.
  • Other ideas such as jerseys, hats and/or full uniforms have been suggested, please comment on these here.
  • Why stick with shirts? If you have other ideas (jackets, hoodies, lab coats, etc) find a place where they can be bought cheaply and mention it here.
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The Brochure is up to date for now, but a new one should come along around November. Anyone want to take it on?

Included information should be... (add at own discretion)

Team Members:


Sponsors (2008):

Sponsors (2007):

Mission Statement:

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